Client Testimonials


We knew about 5 years ago that we wanted a Maine Coon. We were just fascinated by this breed and wanted a Silver Male. Well we wanted one of each color but there's still time! After much research and  several emails back and forth we had finally found our boy! Thor is part of our family and we really can't imagine life without him or a Maine Coon! So much so that we got Loki 2 years later! 

Havah Coons treats all their animals as part of the family and the upmost care is taken with each and every one. They are raised around other animals making the transition to a new home easier. 

We couldn't be happier and would recommend Havahcoons to anyone serious about adding a family member.  These cats are something special. 

Thor-3 year old Silver and Loki-1year old Black Smoke

❤ ❤

Denise S.


 Murtagh vander Paas is from Havah Coons first (was it the first?) litter born to the gorgeous Trilliana. Murtagh made it to us on a very delayed flight, and came out of his crate ready to snuggle. He fell asleep in the arms of a ten year old like he was meant to be there. Over the past ten years he has continued to be the sweetest, friendliest cat imaginable. He is a big, goofy clown who does the silliest things. I believe that his earliest experiences being raised in a family environment provided him with the resilience and adaptability he has always shown. He's great with kids, great with dogs, and is the sweetest boy, just like his mama Trilliana.

Jan C.

stella schaaf.jpg

I don't know if this is a review or more like a testimonial but I wanted to share the many things that I love about Stella. She cuddles, has a crazy character, plays well with prior established cat, walks on leash, plays fetch, greets me when I come home from work, and is so laid back she let's me dress her in costumes without a fuss. She loves being outside so much I am planning on taking her hiking in "the fat cat backpack" and maybe next year start taking her on the kayak. Her Papa is the Mighty Rogue and Mom is Harley. At just over a year she is long and lean, weighing in at just under 15 lbs.

Beth S.

Phoebe and Oliver Mason_edited_edited.jpg

Dear future Maine Coon owner, you can’t do better than Lisa as a breeder. The only thing better than one Maine Coon from Lisa is two Maine Coons from Lisa. I have the pleasure of owning Oliver and Phoebe. She’s been there since day one. She’s created a great site to meet other owners and it’s the best way to have Maine coons in your life. If you want a breeder that just gives you a cat and disappears then Lisa is not for you

Mark M.