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Things to have on hand for your new puppy

What do I need to have for when I bring my new puppy home???

Below is a list of things that you should have when bringing your new puppy home.

Puppies need special nutrition supplements.  This is a choice you make which plays a vital role in your Pets Health and Longevity. How you care for your pup that first year is extremely important. Frenchies are an investment and to ensure they live a long healthy life it is important to make sure they are getting the proper nutrition and nutrients. By starting them out right it makes a HUGE difference on how often you will be visiting the vet in the future and their quality of life.

This checklist is made up of things that are vital to them thriving in life and are highly suggested and some things are required the first year to keep your health contract valid. Yes, there is an additional cost for these things however, it will save you in the long run to start these pups off right.


____ Anti-Vaccinosis spray at dogs - to be used after each shot is given, this is a must have/requirement!!! Please read this article to understand why this is extremely important to have on hand and to use after shots.

This could make a difference of your pup getting allergies or not. It does not reverse the effects of the shot but it removes the toxins and metals due to the shot that cause reactions and long term effects, like allergies.  We recommend titer testing as opposed to routine vaccinations. This way your pup only gets the shots they actually need.


____Zesty Paws 8-1 Bites I like these because they have an added probiotic

____ Puppy Food-Farmina Ancestral Grains Lamb & Blueberry for mini breed Puppy, -If you decide not to feed this food BE SURE to transition them slowly to the new food and make sure to feed puppy kibble for the first year, they need those calories.  Check and use ONLY 5 star food for best quality if you wish to change their food. Try to stay away from chicken as they get older as most adult Frenchies can't process poultry or feathered protein well.  Farmers Dog delivered meals is also one of our favorites

____ Water and Food bowls ( stainless steel is best or glass– avoid plastic as that attracts bacteria)
____ Dog Bed (Make sure it's fully washable as puppies tend to pee on their beds at first)
____ ID tag and harness  (typically not needed for the first 6 months of age) 

____ Crate or kennel (You don't need the large one, the medium size will do)

____ Puppy Play Pen to keep your pup safe and out of trouble

____ Tarp or a large reusable puppy pad or something to cover the floor where your puppy area is so they don't ruin the floor due to puppy accidents (Amazon has great cheap tarps)

____ Dog Carrier or car seat. I like the car seats that have safety straps and also boost them up a bit so they can see Amazon has some great ones. Keep in mind your puppy should not be out and about walking outdoors and in stores or especially the vets office until they are at least 6 months old. They are susceptible to everything due to having weak immune systems as young pups so it's better to wait for them to be older before you start to let them explore and meet other dogs.


____ Puppy pee pads and/or Artificial Tinkle Turf- these are needed if you plan to train your pup indoors at any time or leave them for an extended amount of time (Costco has the best deal on pee pads)

____ Paper towels & urine spot cleaner  - for accidents
____ Teething toys and basic toys, get ones meant for tough chewers. Frenchies will rip right through stuffed animals and make a mess. 
____ Puppy treats for training

____ Shampoo - I only use hypoallergenic shampoos-  Don’t use human products- Dogs have different PH than humans and our shampoos will be irritating to their skin.
____ Dog brush for use during those shedding months (Furminator works great!)
____ Nail clippers or Grinder (New pups nails need to be clipped weekly)
____ Dog toothbrush and toothpaste- start them young!
____ Ear cleaner  - Ear cleaning is extremely important in this breed to prevent ear infections that they are prone to.



____ Please get your puppy microchipped

____ Make sure to schedule an appointment with your vet for your pups Well Puppy Visit and second set of shots or preferably Titer Testing. This is a requirement in the contract to do within the first few days of taking your puppy home.




Our mission is to breed high quality pups that bring LOVE, JOY and LAUGHTER to YOUR HOME. 

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